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Spousal support is another issue that many times is in dispute. Spousal support can take the form of either a temporary spousalsupport order or a permanent spousal support order. A temporary support order is any order for spousal support issued before a final Judgment, and is calculated much in the same way as child support. Permanent spousal support is calculated by a very different methodology, which involves consideration of many factors found in Family Code § 4320.  There is an enormous complexity in understanding and evaluating the issue of permanent spousal support. The attorneys at PBA have the education and experience to appreciate all of the nuances in the law to provide the highest quality of representation.

Forensic Certified Public Accountant

Most of the time when there is an independent business, it is extremely challenging to determine its present fair market value without actually selling the business. Oftentimes it is also challenging to determine exactly what the owner of the business makes by way of compensation. A forensic accountant will express an opinion as to the fair market value of the business. In determining a value, the Court will consider all relevant factors and also consider the appropriate date a business should be valued. It can be challenging for the court to have the necessary information without the assistance of a forensic accountant. A forensic accountant will also determine controllable cash flow. Cash flow is the monies actually received by the party.