Complexity of Litigation – Rancho Family Law Group


Every case is unique. Every case needs an initial consultation to determine the complexity of the case. There are various issues which may exist in a Family Law case which are complex by their very nature.  When you own a business, this may be an area of significant complexity. When you have an actual disagreement over which parent should have primary custody of the children, this too may be an issue of significant complexity. When there has been spousal abuse, or false allegations of spousal abuse, this is an issue of significant complexity.

Where there are issues of significant amounts of property, some of which existed prior to marriage and some of which were acquired during the marriage, this is an issue of significant complexity. These are but examples of the many different issues that will be discussed during an initial consultation. Determination of whether or not a case is complex and the particular attorney best suited to meet your particular needs is one of the purposes of such a consultation.